You and your health take center stage at Stakes Chiropractic Center. As a patient of Dr. Stakes, your care and your experience is the whole reason we are here. Dr. Stakes is an award winning chiropractor who is not only an expert in techniques to ease your pain, he is recognized by patients and organizations such as as the Patients’ Choice Winner for 2016. Below are actual patient reviews and testimonials.

Austin Chiropractor Reviews WinnerChiropractor Reviews by Actual Patients

After beginning my first exposure to Chiropractic medicine in June with Dr. Stakes, I am now an advocate of his work. I had significant pain in my left leg and also in the right groin area. With only 6 weeks to address these problems prior to a 200 mile hiking trip, I was skeptical. I can now report that I successfully completed the hiking trip (26 days of hiking) without pain.

-B. Abel 10.05.15

After many years of pain walking, I tried chiropractic help and it cured the pain. Chiropractors do great when your backbone needs attention instead of pills that only reduce the pain. To avoid spinal stress, I use a Chiropractor and this cures the pain. Treatments from Chiropractors are so easy to receive and the relief from pain is delightful.

-B. Kuyper – 09.29.15

Dr. Doug (Doc) Stakes has been taking care of my low back and neck pain for a long time. Without his care, I doubt that I would be able to get around as well as I do or be able to do the things I do on a daily basis.

-J. Prestridge – 09.22.15

I have been a chiropractic patient since I was 29 years old – a mere 51 years, and I have traveled the globe always seeking their gift. There have been many exceptional doctors, even in remote places. Dr. Stakes is not just a Chiropractor, he is a gifted healer. He knows before we get to the table what is ailing us. He can determine the needs of every organ in the body and in which direction he needs to succinctly redirect the skeletal frame. His hands are the most safe hands anyone can place themselves. His actions are pure love with intent to heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This man is a winner. Be grateful you found him. I am.

– D. Jackson – 09.14.15

Dr. Stakes is a jewel. I enjoy his company as much as the adjustments I receive. His staff is superlative, his wife, Janet, and Vi (his assistant) whom I feel is my beloved Aunt. The world needs more healers like Dr. Stakes. Dedicated and always ahead with the techniques that benefit his patients. I love Dr. Stakes and his staff (since 1990)!

– L.H. – 05.14.15

At first, I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve always been aware of my aches and pains, and I did realize I had some neck issues. He helped me tremendously and he helped my body heal.

– R.J. – 07.09.14

I had a very painful low back, and pain in my knee. My treatment with Dr. Stakes has helped relieve all of that. I am now free of pain! The staff are all very helpful and really take care of you.

-P.C – 07.09.14

Over a period of time, pain from whiplashes and falls, forced me to seek help. Fortunately, I discovered the Stakes Chiropractic Center, where Dr. Stakes and Vi, his assistant, helped me to obtain freedom from pain. They made a healthier and happier life for me, which I was desperately seeking. Truly, chiropractic is an answer to a better way of life.

-K.R. – 07.08.14

I highly recommend Stakes Chiropractic! Dr. Stakes and Staff are just the best and always truly listen to my concersn with their caring attitude and compassion. Having suffered hip and low back pain repercussions from a wreck in my early days, Dr. Stakes uses a holistic and gentle chiropractic adjustment whenever those problems flare up. Throughout the years, this really has helped keep my body pain-free and aligned properly without the use of any pain medications or surgery. The monthly maintenance adjustments also help me with age-related aches and pains. Our kids, now grown, have also gone to Stakes Chiropractic over the years for adjustments to correct various issues due to improper wearing of their backpacks, posture, etc. I love being able to be pain-free without the use of medications or surgery!! Thank you Dr. Stakes.

-L. Morgan – 07.01.14

I came to see Dr. Stakes in the early Fall of 2013, after months of cancer treatment and recovery that consumed virtually all of that year, leaving me in significant pain and restricted my range of motion. I had maxed out my allowed Physical Therapy benefits and found my healing at a standstill. I was unable to return to my former profession. As a working athlete, I require full access to my range of motion. My Physical Therapists, as skilled and devoted as they were, had exhausted their ability to restore my range of motion, and remained as frustrated and stymied as I in understanding why I was unable to progress. Dr.Stakes successfully unfroze what he proclaimed “The worst shoulder he had ever seen in 32 years of practice””, and my healing began anew under his skilled attention. In addition to restoring the range of motion in my shoulder, Dr. Stakes has eased a number of alignment-related issues in my body, allowing me to finally return to doing what I love with greater ease and fluidity. I enjoy going to see Dr. Stakes and his warm and delightful office staff, because I know that I will feel better as a result of his experience and innate sensitivity to what is happening in my body. The unfailing positive spirit of the entire staff lifts me on challenging days, and makes any visit pleasant and bright. I consider Dr. Stakes and his staff part of my ongoing “healing team”. I am more grateful than I can express for the blessing he has represented in forwarding my recovery.

– Laura L. – 06.30.14

Dr. Stakes and staff are the best of the best. I’ve never been to a Chiropractor and didn’t know what to expect. They are so warm and personable, I felt at home immediately. My lower back and shoulder have always given me problems, but the “doc” fixed it. His recommendations for herbal supplements (especially for joint aches) were spot on!  I highly recommend Stakes Chiropractic Center!

-Carol D. – 06.30.14

I’ve been coming to Dr. Stakes office for over 20 years. He’s always giving advice and the treatment has done wonders for me. Before I retired, I worked for the US Postal Service as a mail handler and I would lift and twist all day. Loading 18-wheelers and pushing hundreds of pounds of mail for 8 to 10 hours. So having Dr. Stakes type of wellness care is worth coming for, to get out on a regular basis. He has taught me a lot about lifting correctly and has helped me at my career. Thanks for helping move the mail!

-Ralph E. – 06.24.14

Before I came to Dr. Stakes, due to “old age”, my left leg was in so much pain, that I was taking more than 10 different pain relieve medications a day and I was still in severe pain. Then I was fortunate enough to come to Dr. Stakes for treatment. It was amazing, even after the first treatment I only had to take 2 pills for my pain a day for just for a few days, then I was completely off all pain medications!

Thank you so much Dr. Stakes, I am very grateful.

-Maria W – 06.16.2014

Since seeing Dr. Douglas Stakes, I have been able to understand where my neck pain is coming from. I would tell anyone who suffers from neck pain to visit Stakes Chiropractic Center.  Before visiting this practice, my only other source of relief was by getting acupuncture every other week for my neck pain. The activator technique used to alleviate my neck pain is much more effective than the manual adjustments used by many other Chiropractors.

-Diane M.

I’ve been a patient of this clinic since 1990. The atmosphere is one of professional yet friendly service with the latest, non-invasive techniques. Dr. Stakes and staff take a personal interest in patient recovery. Your recovery is their goal and a success for all involved. I have benefited enormously from adjustments for my allergies as well. Dr. Stakes is an advanced healer. I claim them (Dr. and Staff) as part of my extended family.


I originally came to Stakes Chiropractic due to worsening hip and neck pain. Some of the greatest benefits I have received as a result of seeing Dr. Stakes have been overall health improvement, less aches and pains, a better night’s sleep and less stress! Dr. Stakes always takes the time to visit with you, ask questions and inquire about how you’ve been feeling since your last visit. His treatments are different from any other chiropractor that I have been to and they really do work. Instead of getting worse between treatments, you will continually better.

You will definitely benefit from Dr. Stakes’ treatments and I encourage you to give him a try.

-Lisa M.

I received immediate relief from my back pain and remain pain free since the past few months of my treatment. I would recommend you meet with Dr. Stakes if you’re thinking about becoming a Chiropractic patient.

-Jean L.

I was so delighted to find you here in Austin, because my Chiropractor in California used the same methods you do! I’ve never had a manual adjustment to my neck and am glad you use the Activator. It was so easy to have my adjustment information faxed to you so I could get in right away and get relief from the neck pain I sometimes experience. I appreciate everyone in the office who treat with respect & educate me with new information. I’ve highly recommended you to several people and will continue to do so.

-Dee Dee

Dr. Stakes keeps me pain free and feeling better overall. He and his staff are very caring – you feel like you’re part of the family! Dr. Stakes’ methods feel like he is addressing a specific area…not just making me feel like a pretzel never knowing where or what was adjusted as experience with some other Chiropractors.


I have long thought of Dr. Stakes as one of my guardian angels. I think becoming one of his patients is of one the smartest things that a person could do for their health and their funny bone! He believes me when I tell him something is wrong. When I am out of alignment, I feel better as soon as the adjustment is done.

Many, many thanks!

-Cathy T.

Seeing you on a monthly basis has eliminated my upper back pain, loosening the stiffness in my neck and reduced the discomfort I periodically experienced in my lower back. I encourage others to visit Dr. Stakes based on my personal experience.

-Key S.

The benefit from seeing Dr. Stakes is that stiffness in my back has been managed. The impact of the damage I did as a result of a fall has greatly been reduced. It’s well worth seeing Dr. Stakes if you are physically hurting. Plus, it’s also a good health maintenance approach. I used to get a very stiff back that made it difficult to walk. This does not happen now.


I strained my back and injured my knee playing softball. I went in to see Dr. Stakes for my back pain. He always asks what’s been going on and wants to know all the details. I told him what happened and I was surprised when he said he could also help my knee pain. He made the regular spinal adjustment for my back and an adjustment to my knee, which was 100% better that day.

I highly recommend Dr. Stakes for anyone who plays sports and gets hurt!